Polish Jagdwurst Sausage (400g)

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Jagdwurst, otherwise known in English as Hunter's sausage, was historically made with methods and spices typically available to hunters in European winters. A Polish hunter would have butchered their meat in the snow or at their cabin, and spiced it and stuffed their sausages with spices either brought along with them or herbs and spices available available to them growing in the forests. In this case, the forests of Poland provided the hunter with Juniper Berries during winter, and this is the dominant spice in our Polish Jagdwurst. After this, the sausages are hot smoked and then are dried for a few days further.

These sausages can be fried, grilled, or even left in the fridge to air dry even further, which will simply concentrate the flavours. Due to being cured and smoked, they have good shelf life in the fridge and can be kept easily for a month at 2⁰ Celsius. If they are left unsealed inside the fridge, they will simply dry further and can be keep almost indefinitely without spoiling.

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