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Sharing & promoting meat science to add value to SA

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We hope to share as much knowledge as possible in 1 easily accessable location,and will hopefully be of value to all those interested or involved in handling or consumption of meat products in SA. We have a specific passion for venison or game meat in SA and would like to see it rise to a level of appreciation it deserves.

In this blog, as with our other social media,I will draw information from diverse sources but which are typically freely available to the public if you know where to look for it. I will attempt to give references where necessary and share sources and links for those who wish to continue with their research should they so wish.

I will also share information on my own personal experience in trying to launch Game&Grass as a business:

from applying to government departments for approvals,

to sourcing ingredients,

to views on various products we use or produce,

even on our physical layout in our own facility.

If their are specific topics that readers would like me to cover, then please do make contact and let me know. I will share what knowledge I have or will attempt to direct the reader to someone who could help with further information.

Below are some venison items from our instagram page @gamengrass.

From top left to bottom right:

Warthog Fuet

Eland Bresaola ( smoked)

Kudu Kindziuk (unsmoked, but usually smoked)

Kudu Bresaola (Sliced)

Eland Leg Prosciutto

Waterbuck Pepperoni (smoked)

Warthog & Fennel Sausages

Blesbok Chorizo (smoked)

Gemsbok Bresaola (sliced)

#venison #gamemeat #charcuterie #grassfed

#salumi #biltong #droewors #braai #carnivore

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